If you play golf or know someone that does then it is very easy to mislay a club and usually difficult to get it returned if there is no label on it.

If you have .........

Left a club on the course

Had your clubs mixed in with others in the bag store

Mislaid your clubs whilst travelling

Left a club at the practice ground

........ then you know how frustrating it can be in trying to track it down.

Whatever the circumstances if you lose a golf club it is quite likely that you cannot easily buy an exact replacement, you may have had them custom fitted so this process may need to be repeated and there is always the thought that the club you have lost is always just a bit better than your replacement.

Often manufacturers bring out new models and a new replacement may not always be available.

Without your Golf Labels contact information on your clubs you may never get them back, so for your piece of mind and for the little it costs for a set of Golf Labels why not invest in helping to protect your clubs against loss.

You will receive at least 16 silver labels printed with the text of your choice in black for £15 plus £3.99 p&p to any destination.

Each label also has a clear integral wrap around to give better protection. You can choose up to 4 lines of text and however many lines of text you choose they will be centred on the label. The labels are tried and tested and golfers have been buying our labels since 2004 with many returning many times for repeat orders due to updated contact details, change of address or new clubs etc.

We thermally transfer the printed text onto the label which provides a weatherproof, chemical and sunlight resistant print so providing a much more robust and longer lasting print than using an inkjet or laser printer.

The printed label dimensions are approx. 48mm x 25mm plus an integral clear overlay for added protection.

Please enter your text in the boxes provided. You may complete as many lines as you wish up to a maximum of 4. We strongly recommend that each line has a maximum of 25 characters per line including spaces and punctuation. If more than 25 characters per line are required the text size may be very small or unreadable.

As a precaution please check the spelling of the text you have entered as we cannot offer refunds or re-prints for typographical errors or if more than 25 characters per line are used.

When the labels are printed the black text will be centered.

We also offer a golf label customisation service where you can have the design of your choice printed onto the labels. Minimum quantity is 1000 labels. Please ask for a quotation.

So you think you won't mislay a golf club!

Some time ago around 2004 there was a survey carried out in the USA relating to lost or misplaced golf clubs that were left on the course or practice area.

It revealed that on average 1 club per day was handed in per golf course and that this amounted to around 5 million clubs lost per year in the US alone.

Multiply that to a worldwide situation then the numbers get too big to be meaningful.

The point is that at some point especially if you are an avid golfer that plays a number of times per week it's quite likely that a club will be lost.

You look in the golf bag for your club to play a shot and it's not there or you get back to the clubhouse or car and notice it's missing.

The chances of someone getting in contact with you when there is no indication of who owns the lost golf club is pretty small.

So if you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars/pounds on your golf set then why not label them using our golf labels.

At least the chances of them being returned are increased and if they should be handed into the pro shop then you can show by the golf label being on the golf club that it is yours to claim.

Golf Labels are a small investment to make compared to the cost of renewing a lost club so it's a sensible and financially astute thing to consider.

Get your set of golf clubs labelled now before you lose a golf club.

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Golf Labels (To identify your golf clubs)

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